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Valerie Gascoyne

Valerie Gascoyne was born in Wimbledon.

She has always been creatively driven and began writing poetry when she was a teenager. Valerie got involved in writing lyrics for songs and in the early ’80s wrote the lyrics to ‘Come Another Day’ which was released in Norway through M.A.M. music. She continued to write poetry and has had some individual poems printed in various anthologies. She is passionate about words and all forms of creative expression, including Art and Music.

This is Valerie’s first collection to be published. Some of the poems are inspired by her own personal experiences, others are observational.

Author's Books
Angels and Elephants

‘Angels look down from on high. Watching carefully over those they are appointed to protect, they silently lead us through times of trial, shaping us into the people we are destined to be. Their words soothe, comfort, guide and cajole us.Elephants store the memories of a lifetime, wordlessly docu...

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