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Wendy Clayton

Wendy Clayton is a twin. She is married with two sons and three grandchildren and is a retired English teacher with numerous interests. Most of all, however, she is fascinated by the wonder of everything, loving to wander the moors close to earth and sky, as well as snorkelling to explore the seas. Curiosity about consciousness led to involvement in the work of the philosopher, J. Krishnamurti and that of David Bohm, the physicist/philosopher. Absorbing all this changed the twinship, thus entered psychotherapy.

Wendy Clayton
Author's Books
Twinship and Consciousness

Do you think you are born a one-off, a unique individual entirely different from all others? Do you feel apart from others, or part of them, that you belong to yourself – responsible for yourself alone, or that you belong with and for others? For the author, who, as an identical twin, was factuall...

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