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Yslar Tatuky

Yslar Tatuky was born in 1960 in a small mining town Tqibuli, Republic of Georgia. In 1992 he graduated from Moscow State Art and Cultural University. His time at university coincided with the so called Perestroika and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. These genuinely epochal changes heavily influenced Yslar Tatuky’s future life. To overcome economic difficulties and make a living he had to go into business. He inevitably had experienced and endured all the ‘delights’ of capitalism. In 2007, a group of criminals took over his business, which caused him to spend seven years in courts and police stations; fortunately, Tatuky managed to win the many year battle. Following these events, he returned to Tbilisi, Georgia and started to fulfil his biggest dream. He wrote a screenplay – When God Is Sad (2016), a novel – My Neighbour Osama Bin Laden (2018), and recently, in June 2021, The Man Who Never Contemplated Suicide.


Author's Books
My Neighbour Osama Bin Laden

Agents of the world’s most influential special services, American CIA and British MI16, suddenly show up in a foreign country town. After several months of their intensive activities, the main subject of their concern turns up as well – a very wealthy and suspicious foreigner. The peaceful and m...

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