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Zoe Bouman

Zoe is 44 years old and mother to six beautiful children. She has loved writing from a young age but never completed any of her stories she has wrote, let alone been brave enough to go to a publisher. During COVID-19 lockdown, she had the opportunity to write while she was being furloughed from a hotel she had been working at as a restaurant supervisor for the last seven years. She completed her story and took the leap she needed to enter the list of published authors.

Author's Books
Coronavirus Through a Child's Eyes

One morning a child wakes up and her whole world is different. She cannot understand why suddenly she no longer goes to her childminder and her mummy and daddy are at home. She tries to understand what coronavirus is and what lockdown is too. She believes coronavirus must be a witch....

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The Matchbox Man

In an abandoned, old, run-down hotel. In a secret room at the top of the staircase behind a bookcase in the library lives The Matchbox Man. Some people think he is good and kind, as he will give you moments in time which are frozen. But there is also a dark side to the Matchbox Man. If you do not ha...

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