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Zubair Mulla

The author originates from Lancashire, England, holding an academic background in legal, private investigation and information technology.

The writing captures the journey of an individual confronting mental health, a survivor from a fine line of an end.  Learning to live again cautiously, muddling through a life that has brought about deep understanding of mental tolerance and patience.

A soul that is fed with curiosity and willingness to learn, to understand, endure and overcome. This tenacity is a fundamental part of his personality, what makes him unique in drive, determination and ultimately peace.

Forming a collection of words built up of experiences, lonely enduring challenges, the chaos in his mind and the outcomes.  Writing became his therapy to understand what made him rain, so he could shine, leaving an astute diary of his confessions.

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Maybe you were hit on the blind side of life, experiencing real discoveries, living off the sixes of a dice, trauma-gripped powering through, but holding on to something that just was not true.Now there’s a dark light in you, it will walk the path of the master devil in situ, dark energy will pass...

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